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Sneak peak of the Superbrands Trophies that just arrived.🏆
Superbrands Gala coming soon🔜✨
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Being credible means fostering a set of very specific qualities--no matter what your role, your organization, or your industry

February 20th, 4:45 pm

Superbrands Angola

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The Superbrands Councils gathering lunch marks the launch of the 8th edition of Superbrands Angola.
The Council is composed by a pool of excelent first level professionals- as always - with significant experience and knowledge of the angolan market, who will certainly bring excellent contributions to the evaluation of the most proiminent brands in the market.Image attachment
תודה רבה ל- תופין-דלית קפלן, על הקייטרינג המושקע, הטעים והיפהפה שהכנת ל-40 בכירי Superbrands במפגש שערכנו עם נגידת בנק ישראל לשעבר, פרופ קרנית פלוג, שעסק בדרכים להגדיל את הפריון במשק הישראלי.Image attachmentImage attachment

February 19th, 8:05 am


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If you want to remain relevant ,you must embrace the change in technology.Engage your audience. Joyce Mhaville MD ITV, Tanzania.

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#TuMarcaFavorita en #SuperbrandsMexico. No te quedes fuera de esta edición.   Aún queda suficiente tiempo para participar.
#Italika, reconocida nuevamente como una marca #lider en el mercado mexicano.  Nuevamente presente en el #libro de #SuperbrandsMéxico .
#superbrandsMexico publicará este 2020 el siguiente ejemplar de #SuperbrandsMexico, y por supuesto que tendremos el #evento de #reconocimientodemarcas, premiando a las #mejoresmarcasdemexico. Si quieres tener a tu empresa en este libro, por favor contactanos.
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Follow the link below to see all your favourite brands on the SuperbrandsTV - SBTV Channel:

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Follow the link below to see all your favourite brands on the SuperbrandsTV - SBTV Channel:

Urime #12Vjet 🇽🇰🇽🇰

February 17th, 4:32 am

Superbrands Philippines

Franchise Government
If only we can franchise the management of government to competent and proven managers. This together with an owner’s manual as to how government should work. Some may say it is best to just outsource management. Either way, it’s all about sourcing competence and integrity. So, out of the 107 million Filipino’s, we cannot source any competence and integrity? But what of our president who in three years have managed not only a plurality but a very high confidence rating? Problem is; he is but one person. Does this mean his cabinet and appointees are failures… I guess so! The issue is further exacerbated by the mandates given local governments.
What to do? Calling FIFA, the Filipino International Franchise Association; is there a franchise we can use for our government?
Ridiculous as this may sound, is this not the issue with people with capital. They who have funds to invest but do not know what to do with their monies are the direct customers of franchise opportunities. As this applies to business and guaranteed profits, why shouldn’t it apply to governments? Our government calls this, privatization. Just like what has been done with chaotic results for our transport services, power, for most of our public utility, and more… and all with disastrous results.
There is so much emphasis to nationalism or what in business terms we call brand. But aren’t they but one and the same thing?
Sadly the Intellectual Property Office is inutile in protecting brand rights. Then there is the issue of first-to-register versus first-to-use. The IPO cannot even decide on this, pity. And as a last resort, our courts only stand for delays and non-resolutions with decades to hear when no one is listening. Is there relief anywhere?
All the question marks make this piece even more aggravating to write but either way we need to look for an answer, a solution for our futures just as we do with our businesses and our investments. How is it that there are remedial, long term and even academic remedies for our monies and yet for our government we are resigned to incompetence? Corporations are not democratic, very much like the private sector where the dictator is the owner if not the ruling monarchy.
Is it possible that the reason there are no remedies is due to the concept of democracy and our concept of freedom? What is this feeling of being upset or annoyed, especially because of the inability to change or achieve something? Hang on… I found it, it’s called FRUSTRATION, further described as the prevention of the progress, success, or fulfillment of something.
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Authentic brands do not portray themselves as  how they want customers to hear them. Instead, they express themselves openly as to who they are and tend to offer nothing less than the best products and services to customers.
Niektoré kroky spoločnosti Tesla sa môžu zdať, akoby Elon Musk považoval tento biznis za hru. V prvom rade v úspech značky verí natoľko, že do spoločnosti investoval vlastných 65 miliónov eur.

Pri marketingových launchoch sa špekuluje o tom, že aj faily má dokonale naplánované. Napríklad keď sa pri poslednom z nich rozbilo okno na predstavovanom aute. Mediálna pozornosť bola zaručená. Nehovoriac o modeli Cybertruck, ktorého predstavenie bolo dosť možno najvydarenejším marketingovým počinom medzi značkami v minulom roku. Svoju továreň Gigafactory navyše v súkromí s kolegami volá “mimozemská bojová loď” (alien dreadnought).

Čo už ale nie je hrou, ale realitou, je trhová hodnota značky Tesla. Predstavuje 164 miliárd dolárov, čo je viac ako 104 miliárd dolárov General Motors, Ford a Fiat Chrysler dohromady. Pokiaľ sa navyše Tesla stane do roku 2028 spoločnosťou s hodnotou 650 miliárd dolárov, Elon Musk získa odmenu vo výške 50 miliárd dolárov. A ktovie, možno aj to je pre neho len hra :)

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Mesmo com o crescimento da Tv, Internet e redes sociais, a rádio continua sendo uma referência nos meios em Moçambique. Feliz dia da Rádio.

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Greetings to Tadiran international
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